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50 Palestinian prisoners declare hunger strike

RAMALLAH, (The Palestine Information Centre)50 Palestinian prisoners declared an open hunger strike after their transfer from Ramon to Nafha prison starting from Friday.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) and the Prisoners’ and Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs Authority confirmed that 50 Ramon prisoners were arbitrarily transferred to Nafha prison. As a protest, the prisoners declared an open-ended hunger strike.

The prisoners are currently held in solitary confinement in Nafha prison amid very difficult detention conditions.

Recently, the Palestinian Captive Movement’s National Committee announced the launch of protest steps aimed at confronting repressive measures taken against them by the Israeli prison service.

In a statement published on Wednesday, the Captive Movement’s National Committee emphasized that they would not accept any measure that could be taken against the prisoners because of issues that were stirred up on purpose with the aim of imposing a new fait accompli in jails.

The National Committee also condemned the new violent raids on prisoners’ cells in Gilboa jail last Tuesday, accusing Israeli security minister Itamar Ben Gvir of trying to boost his political status at the expense of Palestinian prisoners’ dignity and rights.


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