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54 “Israeli” Volunteer Cops Freeze Service over ‘Judicial Overhaul’

In addition, police said that 10 volunteer officers had been cut from the force after they “expressed themselves politically and even used their volunteering for the benefit of this activity.”

According to “Israeli” Channel 12 news, police intend to kick out around 1,000 police volunteers who have participated in the protests. It was unclear where the figure came from.
The report said that a lawyer representing those volunteers had written to the police to request that their service not be frozen for taking part in the protests.
According to “The Israeli” Police, around 24,600 settlers volunteer their service.
The police statement also denied “false reports” on the matter, without specifying what it was referring to.
In addition to police, some 10,000 “Israeli” reservists will suspend their volunteer reserve duty in protest of the government’s plans to overhaul the “judicial” system, a large protest group announced last month.
The announcements came amid growing information of rising violence from police at the “anti-judicial overhaul” protests.

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