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66-year-old Nael al-Barghouthi brutally assaulted by Israeli jailers

RAMALLAH(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Palestinian prisoner Nael al-Barghouthi, 66, was savagely assaulted recently during his transfer from Ofer prison in western Ramallah to Gilboa prison in northern Israel.

Barghouthi told a lawyer, who visited him on Sunday, that he was severely beaten all over his body with batons and rifle butts by Israeli prison soldiers, adding that he and other prisoners who were with him were beaten for three hours.

Barghouthi explained that he and his fellow prisoners were beaten mainly in their chests and ribs, adding that they suffered from fractures and contusions.

Israeli jailers also continued to assault Barghouthi and his fellow prisoners during their detention in Gilboa jail and locked them up inside a small cell that barely can accommodate half of them, which forced them to sleep on its floor until they were transferred to Shatta prison, where the lawyer was allowed to visit him.

Barghouthi described the incarceration conditions inside Shatta jail as “difficult and complicated,” especially after the jailers confiscated their clothes and blankets and kept the cell’s windows open 24 hours a day.

He also said that the food served to them is very bad and insufficient and its smell and taste are unbearable, adding that their cell in Shatta jail is very crowded and some prisoners have to sleep on the floor.

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