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Abu Marzouk: Israel cannot win through destroying Gaza

GAZA,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Member of Hamas’s political bureau Mousa Abu Marzouk said that the Israeli occupation regime cannot achieve a victory for itself through the destruction of Gaza, affirming that the number of its soldiers killed in action is bigger than it admits.

“The enemy is trying to put pressure on civilians through killing and displacing them and targeting hospitals and schools that shelter thousands of civilians in order to push them to go southwards. Since the beginning of the war, it has also persisted in bombing homes and civilian structures and committing massacres in order to kill dozens or hundreds every time, mostly women and children, as happened during the past two days in Jabalia,” Abu Marzouk said in an interview conducted by Al Jazeera satellite channel on Friday.

“In addition to the war and the continuous targeting of civilians, the Strip is also facing a major crisis, represented by the insufficient entry of its food, medicine, and fuel needs. Yesterday, the Americans talked about the entry of 100 trucks, but the fact is that only 59 trucks were allowed in and most of their cargo is water and funeral shrouds … It is known that Gaza needs about 700 trucks daily or at least 200 trucks because the situation is tragic,” Abu Marzouk added.

“Now, the Rafah crossing is opened to foreigners to leave, and it is supposed to allow those with critical injuries to leave with them, but the occupation army targeted ambulances carrying some of the injured people — a situation that worsens their wounds and exacerbate their tragedy,” the Hamas official said.

“In another context, you may have heard about the fatwa that the Jewish rabbinical council issued for Netanyahu to bomb Al-Shifa Hospital in particular, based on texts from the Torah,” he underlined.

“In addition to that, there is the continued American incitement to kill the Gaza people. You may have also heard what an American presidential candidate said that Israel must decapitate Hamas leaders and hang their heads on the border with the Gaza Strip. If such incitement had come from the other party, or had been said against non-Palestinians, the person who said it would have been taken directly to the International Criminal Court,” he said.

“In fact, Israel’s rampant killings and reprisals are happening under American sponsorship from Biden and his administration, with no regard for any international laws or relevant resolutions, including the recent ceasefire resolution that was adopted by the UN General Assembly,” the Hamas official highlighted.


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