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Ambulances convoy for Palestine rally raises health issues of Palestinians

KARACHI  (Palestine Foundation Information Center)   In link to the coming Nakba Day (day of catastrophe) and against the ongoing genocide in Gaza, an ambulance convoy rally for solidarity with Palestine was held on Karachi at Sharah-e-Faisal organized by Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) on Sunday.
Many ambulances participated in the Palestine Solidarity rally while a special group of women bikers including doctors, paramedic staff, and all sections of the society participated.
A large number of women and children also participated in the rally. The rally went through its designated routes and concluded at the Three Swords Square Clifton. The rally was led by Dr Sabir Abu Maryam, Secretary General of Palestine Foundation Pakistan.
The participants of the rally carried banners and placards in their hands, on which were written the demands of the right of return to the Palestinian people, including the end of the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza.
From the participants of the rally, various political, social and religious leaders including Secretary General of Palestine Foundation Pakistan Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam, Dr. Meraj ul Huda Siddiqui, Mahfouz Yar Khan, Allama Baqir Zaidi, Muslim Parvez, Allama Qazi Ahmad Noorani, Allama Aqeel Anjum, Israr Abbasi, Pirzada Azhar Ali Hamdani, Saqib Nowshahi, Allama Mubashir Hassan, Sadiq Sheikh and Mufti Muhammad Daud, Dr. Ali Hasan and Lady Biker Farkhanda Feroze and Bashir Khan Saduzai spoke.
Addressing the rally participants, the speakers said that millions of people in Gaza are injured and deprived of medical facilities. The purpose of the ambulance convoy is to expose the health and treatment problems of the Palestinians to the world. They said that the Israeli ambassador who tore the UN Charter should be expelled from the United Nations. The US government has violated human rights around the world.
The speakers said that the struggle against Israel’s usurpation of Palestine will continue, it is the responsibility of all of us to defend the rights of Palestinians. They said that Israel is an illegitimate Zionist state established on the land of Palestinians.
The speakers said that only the Palestinians have the right to Palestine and the usurping Zionist settlers should go back to Europe and Western countries. The speakers demanded to stop the aggression on Gaza. They said that the Palestinian people are fighting for their freedom and we are with the Palestinian resistance movements including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Ansarullah Yemen, and Iraqi resistance.
Speakers condemned the arrest of students at American universities and called for the immediate release of American teachers and students. They said that they would continue to protest across the country for the end of the aggression on Gaza and the rights of students and teachers of American universities.
Humanity is being killed in Palestine today. Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinians and we support the Palestinian right of return. They said.

On this occasion, the participants of the rally shouted slogans against the freedom of Palestine and the domination of the oppressive Zionist government. Many students including Muaz Nizami, Ismail Arifi, Qari Abdul Waheed Yunus, Shayan Sati, political and religious leaders, and civil society members were present in the Ambulance Caravan for Palestine on Sunday.


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