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Another Israeli trooper awaiting disability recognition commits suicide

Gaza,(The Palestine Information Centre)Another Israeli soldier committed suicide while awaiting recognition of the trauma he incurred during his service in the regime’s army, raising concerns about the growing number of suicides within the ranks of Israel’s military apparatus.

The Hebrew-language N12 television channel, citing the soldier’s parents, reported on Monday that Or Donio was waiting 10 months to be recognized as a disabled veteran, but he never received an answer from the Israeli Ministry of military affairs.

The report added that Donio fought in the Kafir Brigade and participated in Operation “Brother’s Keeper,” which preceded the large-scale 2014 Gaza War.

Donio took his own life a day after another Israeli soldier, identified as Bar Klaf, set himself on fire after the Israeli Ministry of military affairs denied his request to grant him disability status following his military service.

Klaf, who committed self-immolation on Tuesday. He succumbed to his wounds two days later.

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