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Committees formed for arrangements of 2 international conferences on Palestine


 The committees have been formed for the arrangements of two International Palestine Solidarity Conferences that will be held on July 29 in Islamabad and on July 31 in Karachi. These conferences

will be held under the aegis of Palestine Foundation (PLF) of Pakistan. The PLF’s central working committee and Islamabad chapter held two separate meetings in Karachi and Islamabad respectively. The meetings reviewed the arrangements of the conferences. Members of the working committee and Islamabad chapter and representatives of several other organizations participated in these meetings. Special meeting of PLF working committee and Jamat Islami Karachi held to review the arrangements of All Parties Conference,  Ameer Karachi Muhammad Husain Mehnti and General Secretory Naseem Siddiqui represent Jamat Islami. It was decided that on 31st July at 3 PM APC will be held at Jamat Islami Karachi Office. Representative of Different political parties and members of Civil Society will participate in this conference. The leaders from Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran and other countries who are active in supporting Palestine Cause and political and religious leaders and civil society members of Pakistan will participate in these international conferences.

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