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Doctors Without Borders sent distress call via New York Times to cease fire in Gaza

NEW YORK(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Doctors Without Borders sent a distress call through an advertisement published by New York Times to stop the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, calling for an immediate and sustained ceasefire and quoting a doctor’s testimony on the catastrophic conditions in Gaza in light of the barbaric Israeli bombing that has been waged on the besieged Strip for 68 days.

The organization stressed in its announcement that “there is no safe place in Gaza, the bombing does not stop, and there is barely any food or clean water. This humanitarian catastrophe must be ended urgently.”

The organization reiterated in a statement by its branch in Canada the call to respond to its demands, quoting a doctor from Gaza named Ruba as saying, “Airstrikes are raining down on us every day and night, and they continue to target everyone. No one is safe.”

“We only have basic medical supplies, and we no longer have access to our clinics as the Israeli army has been blocking traffic”, Ruba elaborated.

She said, “People eat whatever they find out of hunger. I do not think that any of what I say would make a difference. My only message is that the Palestinian people have the right to be treated humanely and to obtain their legitimate rights”.

“After 60 days of war, I became convinced that those who left (died) at the beginning of the war were luckier than us, as they did not experience two months of continuous terror, morning and evening. I see my family suffering, and there is nothing I can do. This world is unfair,” she added.

The number of Palestinian martyrs in Gaza since the start of the Israeli aggression on the Strip has risen to more than 18,000, while the number of injured has surged to more than 50,000, in addition to massive destruction in residential neighborhoods, vital facilities and hospitals, in an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.

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