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Extremist Israeli minister to spend $31m on ‘settlement security’ in East al-Quds: Report

East al-Quds, (The Palestine Information Centre)Far-right Israeli security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir reportedly plans to allocate millions of shekels to step up security in illegal settlements across the occupied East al-Quds.

Israel’s Channel 7 reported on Sunday that Ben-Gvir seeks the regime’s approval of the initiative, under which 120 million shekels (over $31 million) will be invested in policing the occupied city settlements.

The plan calls for an increase in the number of police officers deployed in East al-Quds neighborhoods as well as the installation of more cameras at friction points and main roads.

It also demands a raise in the salaries of Israeli forces and the erection of further checkpoints in the city.

According t the report, 32 million shekels of the amount will be spent on the development of East al-Quds settlements.

Since joining Israel’s most right-wing cabinet led by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu late last year, Ben-Gvir has expressed racist views against the Palestinians and proposed inhumane measures against them.

He has also made provocative visits to the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in al-Quds in recent months, sparking furious condemnations from Muslim nations.

In June, Ben-Gvir called for the formation of a wide military offensive in the occupied West Bank, encouraging the regime forces to assassinate “hundreds, or if needed, thousands” of Palestinians.

In the past, he was convicted of inciting racism and supporting a terrorist organization.

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