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Four Palestinians martyred in Israeli drone attack in Jenin

WEST BANK(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Four Palestinian young men were martyred on Tuesday morning when an Israeli army drone targeted them in the West Bank City of Jenin.

According to local sources, a drone targeted a number of young men in Sibat neighborhood in the central district of Jenin City, killing four of them.

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) obstructed the access of ambulances to the bombed area to evacuate the martyrs.

Earlier, dozens of Israeli troops aboard army vehicles and bulldozers stormed Jenin City at dawn and embarked on destroyed roads and public and private property, amid clashes with resistance fighters.

The IOF also encircled hospitals in the City and obstructed the work of ambulances and paramedics.

Eyewitnesses said that resistance fighters detonated explosive devices at the Israeli forces and their vehicles and opened fire at them.

In separate incidents, the IOF stormed other areas of the West Bank at dawn, kidnaped citizens, destroyed cars and infrastructure, and ransacked homes.

In Nablus, Israeli forces stormed the eastern area of the city and kidnaped two citizens from their homes in Askar refugee camp and Kafr Qallil town.

The IOF also kidnaped 13 citizens, including three women, during raids on homes in Silwad town.

Two citizens were taken prisoners during IOF raids on homes in Aqaba town near Tubas. One of those detainees was kidnaped to pressure his son to turn himself in.

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