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Gaza clans united with resistance, reject Israeli projects

GAZA (Palestine Foundation Information Center) The National Gathering of Palestinian Tribes, Clans, and Families in the Gaza Strip affirmed the Palestinian people’s support for the resistance and their rejection of the Israeli projects regarding the administration of the Gaza Strip, emphasizing that this is an internal Palestinian matter.

The Gathering stated in a statement on Friday: “The Palestinian tribes and clans have followed the talks and remarks of some Israeli occupation officials regarding the tribes’ administration of civil life in Gaza, which is a ridiculous statement that will only be dealt with by those who revolve within the orbit of the occupation and its stooges, and it is completely rejected.”

The statement emphasized that the Palestinian tribes and clans will only serve as a safety valve for the Palestinian people and their brave resistance.

The clans expressed their rejection of “all the Israeli occupation’s projects regarding the administration of Gaza because the administration of Gaza is a Palestinian matter that should be discussed on the national table,” adding, “We call on the masses of our steadfast people, dignitaries, elders, and notables of Gaza to continue protecting the back of the resistance and securing the internal front.”

The statement added, “We salute our heroic resistance and declare our full and absolute support for the Palestinian resistance that led the battle of the Al-Aqsa Flood with skill and competence and achieved a strategic turning point at the level of the Palestinian issue, and even at the level of the whole world.”

It extended greetings to the Palestinian people and paid tribute to its martyrs, wishing a speedy recovery for the wounded.

The statement called on “the Arab and Islamic peoples and the free people of the world throughout the nation to take immediate action to stop the aggression and the genocidal war on Gaza and to save it from humanitarian disasters.”

It also called on the tribes and clans in all capitals and cities to rise up and mobilize against Israel, its interests, embassies, and supporters to stop projects aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause and thwarting projects of displacing the Palestinian people from their land.

It concluded by saying: “We affirm to all those who bet on the displacement of our people that we will not leave this land no matter how great the sacrifices are, and that every price we pay for the sake of Palestine is cheap in the path of this holy land. We call on the resistance to strike the occupation forcefully everywhere until it submits to the conditions of our people and leaves Gaza humiliated, dragging the shackles of defeat, shame, and disgrace.”

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