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Gaza’s death toll by Israeli aggression reach 4,651

GAZA(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The death toll caused by Israeli barbaric aggression on the Gaza Strip went up to 4,651 while 14,245 were injured, said the Palestinian health ministry on Sunday evening.

The health authorities added in a statement that 1,873 children and 1,023 women were among the victims.

Dozens of Israeli massacres were committed during the past 24 hours, leaving 372 martyrs, mostly in the center of Gaza.

The government media office in the Gaza Strip earlier noted that 70 percent of Gaza residents are now homeless and stranded in more than 220 shelters and gathering centers.

The office also said that 50 percent of residential buildings were completely damaged due to the Israeli strikes.

The death toll in Gaza is likely to increase as the Israeli occupation army continues to launch deadly and devastating attacks on different areas.

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