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Gaza’s death toll surges to 16,248 as Israel’s genocide escalates

GAZA(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The death toll from Israeli bombardments in the Gaza Strip has risen to over 16,248 victims, mostly women and children, the government media office (GMO) said on Tuesday evening.

According to GMO, 7,112 children and 4,885 women were among the reported victims.

77 Israeli massacres were carried out over the past few hours after Israel decided to resume its war following the week-long ceasefire, killing 1,248 people.

The GMO affirmed that 7,600 people are still missing, either under rubble or because their fate is still unknown.

286 health personnel, 32 civil defense members, and 81 journalists were killed in the Israeli attacks.

43,616 people have also been injured since the start of the Israeli aggression.

The media office pointed out that 100 mosques were completely demolished, while 192 mosques were partially destroyed, in addition to three churches.

121 government buildings were also destroyed.

The GMO also indicated that 69 schools became out of service, while 275 schools were partially damaged.

According to Palestinian estimates, more than 61% of homes and housing units were destroyed in the Gaza Strip, meaning 52,000 housing units were completely destroyed while 253,000 others were partially destroyed.

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