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Global March to Jerusalem

GMJ-Indonesia Started Journey to Jerusalem


27 indonesian and 3 philippines gmj activists departed from jakarta to karachi, pakistan, Friday (9/3), to start their land journey toward Jerusalem.

As part of the convoy, there are media persons from two national news broadcast television (TvOne and Metro Tv) as well as national newspaper (Republica). The convoy is part of Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) which will be held on 30 march.
In the farewell ceremony at Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C), Executive Director of Voice of Palestine (VOP) Indonesia, Mujtahid Hashem, said that the convoy is the first team of GMJ-Indonesia National Committee. Another teams will join the convoy in Tehran, Istanbul, Beirut as well as Jordan.
“The land convoy of GMJ is important for us because we can gain support from each countries we pass through,” said Mujtahid.
Mujtahid, who was also General Secretary of Indonesian Student Association in Middle East, stated that Indonesian students in Middle East will join the convoy.
The Indonesia convoy will join with the Indian convoy in Karachi, Pakistan. Together they will cross over to Iran. The convoy will then travel to Turkey and then by ship, to Beirut. Finally on the 30th of March, with hundreds of thousands of people and delegations from the majority of the nations of the world, they will march to the borders of Palestine, demanding an end to the Judaisation of Jerusalem and Freedom for Palestine.
The Indonesia delegates march in the spirit of their national Constitution and their commitment to non-violent mass action, in their struggle to liberate Palestine and to defend the sovereignty of their very own nation from Israeli and American hegemony.  In that, the Palestinian issue, stands at the very centre of the geo-political crisis of our times and Jerusalem lies at the very heart and soul of the crisis.
“GMJ is beyond Palestine liberation issue. It is a global movement to resist against global arrogance powers,” said dr Jose Rizal Jurnalis, the President of MER-C.
Muhammad Maruf, the Indonesian delegation leader, said that the journey is just a start to liberate Palestine and Jerusalem. “We will march every year to end Zionist occupation in Palestine.”[]

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