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GMO calls for urgent action to save the Gaza Strip from thirst

GAZA (Palestine Foundation Information Center) Head of Gaza’s Government Media Office (GMO), Salama Maarouf, called for urgent action to address the water crisis and save the residents from thirst.

Gaza City is facing a new environmental catastrophe that threatens the people’s lives, Maarouf added, pointing out that the city’s water wells had stopped functioning two weeks ago.

The wells are no longer operational, mainly due to a lack of fuel, which Israel has banned from entering the Strip since it imposed a total blockade more than six months ago.

Gaza City’s only desalination plant, more than 40 water wells and the city’s water networks have been destroyed, he said.

He further warned that the “crisis” has reached its peak as temperatures continue to rise and demand for water consumption has also increased.

“The whole city is living in a state of extreme thirst,” he said.

“This requires all concerned parties to intervene urgently to provide fuel and resupply water to citizens urgently, and save them from the state of extreme thirst and the health and environmental crisis that is only going to get much worse amid extreme water shortages.”

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