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GMO: Rising number of martyrs amidst policy of thirst, hunger, humiliation

GAZA(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Government Media Office in Gaza confirmed in a press conference on Friday evening that the number of martyrs, after 63 days of the brutal Israeli war on Gaza, continues to rise by the hundreds every day. It appears that international institutions and the international community are implementing a systematic policy to humiliate the people of Gaza, starve them, and thirst them, it added.

The Office spokesman pointed out that the number of martyrs has risen to 17,490, including 7,870 children and 6,121 women, among those who have reached hospitals. The number of missing persons reached 7,780, either under the rubble or their fate is still unknown, he said, adding that the number of injuries has exceeded 46,558 since the beginning of the ongoing genocide war on Gaza on October 7.

The GMO spokesman said that the genocidal war committed by the Israeli occupation army against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip continues, with the continued brutal killing of civilians, children, and women, through the bombardment and destruction of safe homes without prior warning.

The spokesman expressed outrage at what he described as the Israeli occupation army’s new crime, “adding to its series of brutal crimes against our Palestinian people, by arresting dozens of civilians in Beit Lahia area (north of the Gaza Strip), and under gun threat forcing them to undress, binding their hands and ordering them not to move”.

He said that the occupation forces put them in trucks and transported them while they were naked to the seashore after blinding their eyes. They were left in the cold without clothes and remained in this humiliating situation until the early hours of the same night.

Later on, they ordered some of them to return to their homes while keeping others under arrest, torture, and interrogation, he added.

On the other hand, the spokesman pointed out that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) is practicing a mysterious role in humiliating and insulting people by stopping the distribution of aid in some areas or through its extremely slow policies in other areas.

The spokesman warned all free countries, international organizations, and the international community of a humanitarian catastrophe being committed by the Israeli occupation army against civilians with clear approval from the United States and the international community. This is manifested in the destruction of more than 61% of homes and residential units in the Gaza Strip, he elaborated.

A cheap method of pressuring Gaza
The GMO spokesman warned that the cessation of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip or the entry of a few trucks carrying aid such as flour, COVID-19 tests, and some bottles of water is a cheap method aimed at pressuring the Palestinian people, especially children and women, by depriving them of food, medicine, and essential necessities of life, depriving them of their basic rights. “This is tantamount to a death sentence for 2.4 million people in the Gaza Strip,” he charged.

He also emphasized that the war on hospitals and the health sector in general is ongoing and relentless, deliberately causing the collapse of the health and humanitarian system, especially in the governorates of Gaza and the north.

He warned that the Gaza Strip is going through a critical stage on all levels, especially on the humanitarian, relief, food, water, and health levels. This foreshadows a real catastrophe that will lead to a complete and unprecedented deterioration of the situation, he added.

The spokesman called on institutions, organizations, and international bodies to fulfill their required role actively and effectively, with a special emphasis on the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) returning to work in the governorates of Gaza and the north.

He held the Israeli occupation, the international community, and especially the American administration represented by President Biden and his Secretary of State fully responsible for the war of genocide and for the humiliation of civilians by forcing them to undress and torturing them while they are naked.

Demanding the opening of the Rafah crossing
The GMO spokesman called for the complete and round-the-clock opening of the Rafah crossing, holding the United States of America and the Israeli occupation responsible for obstructing the entry of aid. He demanded the entry of 1,000 trucks of assistance and supplies, as well as the daily entry of one million liters of fuel.

He appealed to the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League, and all free countries around the world to immediately come together to find a solution to the humanitarian catastrophe resulting from the displacement of 305,000 families from their homes.

He also called on the Arab countries to provide equipped field hospitals in order to try to save tens of thousands of wounded and sick individuals.

Lastly, He urgently and immediately requested the entry of hundreds of equipment and machinery for relief, emergency, civil defense, and construction crews so that they can retrieve the bodies of hundreds of martyrs that are still under the rubble.

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