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GMO sends urgent humanitarian appeal over catastrophic situation in Gaza

GAZA(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Government Media Office (GMO) in Gaza issued a humanitarian warning to the world on Tuesday evening, stating that the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is catastrophic, extremely dire, and heading towards an abyss due to the genocidal war waged by the Israeli occupation army.

The Office confirmed that more than 1.8 million people have become displaced, living outside their homes and residences, either in displacement centers or in other houses and accommodations. Approximately 2.4 million people are living in difficult and unprecedented humanitarian conditions, suffering greatly in securing food, medicine, and safe drinking water, it added.

The appeal calls for the opening of crossings and urges the immediate rescue of the Gaza Strip by opening all crossings, including the Karam Abu Salem crossing, to expand the scope of relief efforts and accelerate the arrival of essential food, supplies, and provisions to markets, shops, and all residents of the Gaza Strip.

The GMO emphasized that the population of the Gaza Strip is in urgent need of rescue and relief. The people are in dire need of meeting water and sanitation needs, rehabilitating infrastructure, water desalination units, and giving priority to providing warm clothing, blankets, and other winter supplies, it added.

Ensuring fuel supply is a priority, GMO said, stressing that the process of fuel entry is the backbone of the success of humanitarian relief operations for the people of the Gaza Strip in all priority areas, including the provision of food, water, and medicine. Furthermore, it is crucial for removing the effects of the humanitarian catastrophe and attempting to overcome it, which requires continuous and abundant fuel supply. The statement estimated that the Gaza Strip needs one million liters of fuel daily to overcome these challenges.

The GMO held the international community and the United States of America, along with Israel, fully responsible for the genocidal war waged on Gaza. The statement pointed out that this genocidal war has so far claimed the lives of more than 26,000 martyrs and missing persons, with around 53,000 injuries.

The statement sharply criticized the international community and the United States of America, especially since they have deliberately imposed measures to hinder all efforts aimed at stopping the genocidal war on the Gaza Strip. It holds them responsible for the tragedy that has befallen Gaza on all levels.

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