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Hamas, Islamic Jihad condemn Israeli killing of Palestinian teen in West Bank

West Bank,(The Palestine Information Centre) The Palestinian resistance movements Hamas and Islamic Jihad have condemned the recent Israeli killing of an 18-year-old boy in a violent raid in the occupied West Bank.

Mahmoud Abu Sa’an was shot in the head at point-blank range at dawn on Friday as Israeli forces clashed with residents of the Nur Shams refugee camp, located to the east of the town of Tulkarm.

According to local media reports, the Israeli military stormed the camp, heavily firing live ammunition, tear gas canisters, and stun grenades at the camp’s residents.

The Palestinian teenager was transferred to a hospital in Tulkarm, where he was pronounced dead shortly after.

In a press statement, Hamas offered its condolences to the family of Sa’an and praised the resistance fighters for their unrelenting struggle against Israel.

“We condole the family of the martyr… and salute our steadfast people and the heroic resistance fighters who bravely defended the camp and repelled the aggression,” the statement said.

Hamas also underlined that killings, executions, assassinations, and plans to desecrate al-Aqsa Mosque will not bring security to Israel. “Our people’s revolution continues until the end of the occupation and the establishment of a Palestinian state with al-Quds as its capital.”

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