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Hamas: Israel persists in its war on Palestinian education

GAZA, (The Palestine Information Centre)As the world marks International Teachers’ Day, the Israeli occupation state persists in its open war on the Palestinian educational sector, the Hamas Movement said on Thursday.

In a statement on Teachers’ Day, Hamas accused the Israeli occupation regime of raiding, demolishing, damaging and closing Palestinian schools and targeting teachers and students through killing, detention, banishment, displacement, and Judaization of curricula.

Hamas affirmed that the blatant Israeli violations against the Palestinian people’s right to learning and education reflect a disregard for international law, stressing the need for international action to put an end to such violations and support the Palestinian rights.

The Movement said that the Israeli government’s attempts to Israelize the education sector in Occupied Jerusalem and its escalation of its violations against the Jerusalemite schools and educational institutions would never succeed in changing the historical facts and obliterating the Arab and Islamic identity of the Jerusalemite generation.

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