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Hamas on October war: Resistance is the only option to end occupation

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (The Palestine Information Centre)The Hamas Movement has stressed that “the October War of 1973 bears witness that resistance is the only option to deter the Zionist colonial occupation.”

In a press statement on the 50th anniversary of the October war, Hamas called on all states and parties embracing peoples’ rights to freedom to support the Palestinian people in their struggle to defend themselves, restore their rights, and liberate their homeland.

Hamas confirmed that the October war will remain an inspiration for the Palestinian people to continue their comprehensive resistance against the Israeli occupation and its fascist government.

The Palestinian resistance movement also called on all Arab and Muslim nations that normalized ties with the Israeli occupation to backtrack on such moves.

Hamas explained that normalization only provides cover for the Israeli occupation to continue its crimes against the Palestinian people and their homeland and holy sites; foremost among them is the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

On October 6, 1973, the Egyptian and Syrian armies launched a unified attack under one command to liberate their lands from Israeli occupation and scored a historic victory against the Israeli army.

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