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Hamas slams Netanyahu’s normalization attempts with Saudi Arabia as ‘mirage’

Gaza,(The Palestine Information Centre)The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has denounced as a “mirage” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent comments about the possibility of a normalization agreement between the occupying regime and Saudi Arabia.

Jihad Taha, a spokesman of the Gaza-based resistance movement, made the statement on Tuesday after the Israeli premier expressed optimism about deepening ties between Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

Netanyahu called a possible deal with the Saudi kingdom an “exceptional thing” and a “pivot” in history.

“The peace talks or normalization with the occupation is just a mirage and a deception to allow time for the entity to nibble and steal more of our occupied lands for the benefit of settlement projects,” Taha said.

The Hamas spokesman underlined that Netanyahu’s recent statement, in which he reiterated that he would not allow the establishment of a Palestinian state, “proves once again the aggressive intentions and systematic fascist behavior of this criminal entity against our Palestinian people and their national rights.”

Taha said the best response to such fascist statements is to stand by Palestinian people and provide all forms of support to them in their struggle and resistance against the occupying regime.

The Hamas official also called for “effective steps” to boycott the Tel Aviv regime and prosecute its leaders in international forums for their crimes and systematic violations against Palestinian land, people, and sanctities.

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