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Hamas: Talk of postponing Palestinian elections raises alarm bells

GAZA (PNIC) Hamas leader, Majed Hassan, stressed that the talk about postponing the elections should raise alarm bells at all the electoral lists that ran for the elections, especially the lists that represent the main factions on the Palestinian arena.

“The recent intense media talk about postponing the elections confirms the existence of a premeditated intention to cancel the elections under the pretext of Jerusalem, noting that all this news does not indicate good indications and confirms greatly that there is a deliberate intention to cancel the elections, and the argument is Jerusalem,” leader Hassan said.

He demanded that the candidate factions and lists have a clear and strong position in rejecting any approach to postpone the elections under any circumstances.

Hassan believes that postponing or canceling the elections after the strenuous efforts made in Cairo, in which all Palestinians participated, and agreed to conduct them, would constitute a thunderbolt explosion for the crisis Palestinian situation.

Any postponement or cancellation of the elections will not be in the interest of the Palestinian people and their cause, but rather in the interest of the Israel and its criminal colonial projects in the region.

He said, “There must be a serious and responsible stand by all Palestinians towards this step, and the historical responsibility of the party seeking to cancel it must be held.”

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