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Hamas: We will never cede an inch of the historic Palestinian land

The Hamas Movement has reiterated its adherence to the option of national unity and comprehensive resistance as the only means to extract the Palestinian rights and liberate the land and holy sites.

“Our people rose up on Land Day, in the Triangle, Galilee and Negev in our 1948 occupied territories, against the policy of settlement encroachment and the policy of displacement and banishment,” Hamas said in a statement on Wednesday on the 47th anniversary of Land Day.

The Movement stressed that it would never give up an inch of the historic Palestinian land and that its people would remain adherent to their land from the river to the sea.

The Movement added that the Israeli schemes, crimes, land theft and settlement expansion would not succeed in changing the Arab identity of the Palestinian land and the historical facts.

It called for more resistance to defend the historic Palestinian land and more solidarity with the Palestinian people and their right to freedom, return and independence.


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