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Haneyya calls for int’l action to curb Israel’s war crimes in Gaza

GAZA,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Head of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya has called on the international community to assume its humanitarian, moral, and political responsibility and work on curbing Israel’s war crimes and genocide in the Gaza Strip.

“The massacres that have been committed by the occupation state reflect the predicament facing the Israeli army and its ground forces as they receive successive strikes by the resistance, which defends our land and avenges thousands of martyrs and wounded people,” Haneyya stated in press remarks on Friday evening.

Haneyya condemned the systematic Israeli targeting of hospitals in Gaza, including Friday’s attack on Al-Shifa Hospital and areas near Al-Quds Hospital and the Indonesian Hospital.

“Such brutality, which coincided with US Secretary of state Anthony Blinken’s new visit, is the result of the green light and open cover that the US provides for the occupation,” he said.

He affirmed that the resistance would continue to defend its people with might and mainly and strongly strike the Israeli occupation until its removal from the Palestinian land.


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