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Haneyya: Israel bears responsibility for repercussions of Aruri assassination

DOHA(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Head of Hamas Political Bureau, Ismail Haneyya, mourned his deputy, Saleh al-Aruri, who was assassinated by Israel earlier this evening in Beirut.

Haneyya called the killing a “craven assassination,” a “brutal aggression” and a “blatant crime that demonstrates, once again, the brutality that is carried out by the occupation against our people.”

Haneyya said the assassination “is a violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty and an expansion of the circle of [Israel’s] aggression against our people.”

“The repercussions of this terrorist act are the responsibility of the Nazi-Zionist occupation, and it will not succeed in breaking the will, steadfastness, and resistance of our people,” Haneyya added.

Haneyya also mourned al-Aruri and two leaders of the Movement’s armed wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, Samir Findi Abu Amer and Azzam Al-Aqraa Abu Ammar, who were killed in the same attack.

Haneyya has also identified the Hamas members who were killed alongside Saleh al-Aruri, including Mahmoud Zaki Shahin, Mohammad Bashasha, Mohammad al-Rayes and Mohammad Hamoud.

In an earlier speech, Haneyya said his Movement had delivered its position to Qatar and Egypt, which is based on “a complete cessation of the aggression” against the Palestinians, helping them, and responding to their rightful demands.

“Our view is based on a comprehensive cessation of the aggression against our people, providing relief to them, and responding to their just rights,” Haneyya said.

“Captives will not be released except under the resistance’s conditions,” he added.

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