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Health ministry releases full list of Palestinian martyrs in Gaza

GAZA(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Ministry of Health released Thursday evening a full list of the names of the Palestinians killed in the ongoing Israeli aggression on the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The move came to rebut US President Joe Biden’s skepticism about the accuracy of the death toll announced by the ministry in Gaza.

The spokesman for the Ministry, Ashraf Al-Qudra, said in a press conference “We have decided to announce in detail and to the whole world the true story of the genocidal war launched by the Israeli occupation against our people since October 7”.

He affirmed that the death toll of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip had amounted to 7,028 martyrs, including 2,913 children, 1,709 women, and 397 elderly people, in addition to 18,484 citizens sustaining various injuries.

Qudra also stressed that “the US administration is devoid of all human standards, morals, and basic human rights values by taking the side of Israel and shamelessly questioning the validity of the announced numbers.”

“We affirm that the doors of the Ministry of Health are open to all institutions to have access to the health work system in the ministry”, he said.

The Palestinian official continued: “Let the world know that behind every number there is a story of a person whose name and identity are known. Our people are not mere numbers to be ignored.”

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