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Hundreds of women and children march in solidarity with Palestine at Karachi

Karachi (Palestine Foundation Information Center) On appeal of Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) hundreds of women and children took place at a solidarity rally “Women March for Palestine” in Karachi, Pakistan on Saturday.


Demonstrators including women and children were carrying placards and banners in their hands, on which the slogans of “Stop the Genocide of the Oppressed Palestinians”, “Israel is an illegitimate State”, and “Death to America” were written.

Demonstrators also made an effigy of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and burned it at the end of the rally.

Addressing the participants of the rally, Secretary General of the Palestine Foundation, Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam, said that the Palestinian resistance’s response to Israeli occupation was an appropriate act and we the Pakistani nation support resistance of Palestine. This act changes the international politics and balance of power in the region.

All the imperialist powers including USA and UK are failed to crush the resistance of Palestine.

The mothers, sisters, children of Pakistan are feeling the pain of Palestinian mothers, sisters and children. He added.

Dr Sabir said that, to supporting the oppressed people of Palestine is the path of Messengers of God. He also strongly supports the rally to be pulled out on tomorrow, October 22, will go towards the American Consulate in Karachi. He urged to the people of city that must participate in this rally.

Addressing the participants of the rally, Dr. Sara Syed said that we are weak even though we are a nuclear power, we will be united for the cause of Palestine. Ensure all possible assistance.

In her speech at the rally, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Umme Rabab said that the we will not hesitate to make any sacrifice in support of Palestinian brethren.

Famous TV anchor Nazia Ali said that as a sister and mother, feeling the pain of oppressed Palestinian women and children, she condemns Israeli atrocities. The people of Palestine are waiting for freedom and very soon the Zionist regime Israel will not be available in the world map.

Abida Agha, a social media activist, said that if we do not stand with our oppressed Palestinian people today, then this time will come for us tomorrow.

In the rally, Dr. Sara Syed presented the resolution and said that we will support the oppressed Palestinians. Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinians. Israel is an illegitime state. The people of Pakistan stand by the principled stand of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for the cause of Palestine. We demand the international organizations to provide aid to Gaza Palestine as soon as possible. The government of Pakistan should continue its aid activities. The Palestine Fund should be established at the national level. The United Nations and the international community should end the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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