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Time left for Israel’s destruction

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ICJ upholding the case against Israel for the genocide in Palestine is a victory for the Palestinians.

Karachi (Palestine Foundation Information Center)  Lawyers from the Karachi Bar Association including Mahfouz Yar Khan Advocate, Shahid Ali Advocate, Shua ul Nabi Advocate, and Malik Tahir Awan Advocate have said that the illegitimate Zionist regime of Israel is committing systematic genocide of the oppressed Palestinians. Western governments, especially the United States, are supporting Israel in the genocide of Palestinians. Lawyers belonging to the Karachi Bar Association strongly support South Africa’s case against Israel in the International Court of Justice. They expressed these views during a meeting with the delegation of Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) in the Karachi Bar Committee Room on Saturday.

The delegation of PLF, Secretary General Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam and members of the Guardian Committee, including former member of National Assembly and leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, Muhammad Hussain Mehnati, leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Israr Abbasi, leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Pir Azhar Ali Shah Hamdani, Jamiat Ulema Pakistan leader Allama Aqeel Anjum Qadri, renowned religious scholar Pir Muaz Ali Nizami, Christian leader Pastor Daniel, Hindu leader Manoj Chauhan and Sikh leader Magan Singh along with Dr. Yameen Qureshi and Fahad Siddiqui and others met lawyers in the KBA office city court Karachi.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, the lawyer leaders jointly said that they cannot remain silent on the ongoing oppression and aggression in Palestine. They said that the International Court of Justice has proved by rejecting Israel’s request the usurper Zionist government of Israel is committing atrocities and aggression in Palestine. In response to a question, the leaders said that supporting Palestine is in the DNA of every Pakistani because the founders of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal, made it clear by unconditionally supporting the cause of Palestine even before the establishment of Pakistan.

It was said that Pakistan will never back down from supporting the Palestinians. They further said that anyone who talks about a two-state solution in Pakistan today is actually rejecting the ideology of Pakistan and the ideology of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, it is very clear for all that Palestinian position of the Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal is the position of Pakistan and no one allow to change or manipulate.

The lawyers’ community said that Pakistan should have become a party along with South Africa in the ongoing case against Israel in the International Court of Justice. The government’s silence is question mark. If the government of Pakistan becomes a party, lawyers and legal experts from all over the country will support the government.

On this occasion, the delegation of Palestine Foundation Pakistan thanked the lawyers community and presented sweets and bouquets to the newly elected president and cabinet along with Palestinian scarf.


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