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IOF detonates the house of prisoner Muhammad Al-Zalbani

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) blew up the house of the prisoner Muhammad Al-Zalbani in Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem on Wednesday morning. The IOF accuses the young man of stabbing an Israeli soldier in February 2023.

IOF soldiers stormed Shuafat camp and imposed a security cordon around the house of the prisoner Muhammad Al-Zalbani before demolishing it. They planted explosives inside the house before detonating it.

A large number of IOF soldiers surrounded the Shuafat camp from all directions, as snipers took positions on the rooftops of houses, firing at the youth in the camp. Violent clashes erupted in the camp following the IOF incursion.

The confrontations intensified between the youth and the IOF soldiers during their withdrawal from the camp following the demolition of Al-Zalbani’s house.

The IOF incursion into the camp coincided with the students’ exit from their schools. The camp’s alleys witnessed inspections by female soldiers, who subjected girl students to provocative and humiliating searches.

The IOF soldiers also assaulted a woman and her daughter during the incursion into the camp. A circulating video clip showed the fear of the girl as she clung to her mother out of fear of the soldiers’ violent behavior.

During the incursion, the occupation soldiers tore down pictures of martyrs and attempted to erase their images.

In February 2023, Muhammad Al-Zalbani stabbed an Israeli officer on a bus at a checkpoint at the entrance of Shuafat refugee camp in Occupied Jerusalem, causing a state of confusion. Moments later, an Israeli security guard mistakenly fired at the officer, killing him.

The IOF follows a policy of demolishing the houses of resistance fighters as part of its “collective punishment policy,” which has proven ineffective in stopping resistance operations in the West Bank.

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