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IOF raids West Bank cities, villages, resistance fighters confront them

In the late hours of Sunday night, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided several cities and villages in the West Bank and carried out arrests amid fierce clashes and confrontations.

Local sources reported the IOF raid in the town of Azzun in Qalqilya, the Deir Ammar refugee camp in Ramallah, the town of Burqa and the Balata refugee camp in Nablus, as well as its invasion of the city of Jenin and the villages of Al-Jalamah and Arraneh in the city’s district.

During the IOF raid in the Balata camp, resistance fighters fought back with homemade bombs and local weapons, and circulating footage documented significant damage to IOF vehicles.

The resistance fighters in Jenin confronted the IOF soldiers who used smoke bombs to cover their movement during the raids on several houses in the city. The IOF also dispatched continuous military reinforcements into the city.

The occupation forces have arrested three civilians from the neighboring village of Al-Jalamah near Jenin. In addition, they arrested the young man Yusuf Al-Khalidi from Arraneh, and from Jenin, they arrested both Mohammad Zakana Al-Saudi and Basal Al-Bar. The campaign of arrests and raids was still ongoing until dawn Monday.

Clashes and confrontations are still ongoing in Jenin, while local sources confirmed a raid by IOF foot patrol into the city of Qalqilya from the eastern entrance.

The Al-Quds Brigades – Tulkarem Brigade announced that they detonated an Israeli military D9 heavy vehicle on Martyrs Street in the Al-Manshiya neighborhood using an explosive device of type “Ghaith 3,” causing complete destruction to the vehicle. They also exploded a highly powerful explosive device of type “Mahmoud 2” in another IOF vehicle in the schools neighborhood.

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