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Iran: Fighting against Israel may expand to ‘new fronts’

Iran, (The Palestine Information Centre)Iran has said that fighting against the Israeli regime, which has brought the Gaza Strip under a hugely deadly and destructive war, may expand to new fronts.

“Some European officials asked me if there were any chances that new fronts might open up against the Zionist regime?” Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said on Thursday in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, his second stop on a regional tour that has already taken him to Iraq.

“I told them as far as the Zionists keep up their war crimes, there exists every prospect that other resistance movements [may enter the war],” he added.

As many as 1,537 Palestinians have died and 6,612 others been injured since Saturday, when the Israeli regime launched the war against the coastal sliver.

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