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Israel acknowledges the injury of 7,262 Israelis since October 7

NAZARETH,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Israeli Ministry of Health acknowledged in a statement on Tuesday evening the injury of 7,262 Israelis since October 7.

The statement added, “The number of the injured who have stayed at hospitals since the start of the war has risen to 4,834.”

The current number of the wounded who are receiving treatment at hospitals in the meantime surged to 342 with 51 severe injuries including 152 cases in rehabilitation sections, the statement added.

Israel had previously acknowledged the killing of approximately 1,600 Israelis since October 7, including 32 officers and soldiers, in addition to the capture of at least 242 others.

Earlier on Tuesday evening, Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari announced that among the killed were 348 Israeli soldiers and officers, 59 police officers, and 10 officers of the General Security Agency (the Shin Bet).

For 32 consecutive days, the Israeli army has been waging a devastating war on Gaza, in which 10,328 Palestinians have been killed, including 4,237 children and 2,719 women, in addition to the injury of about 26,000 others. In the West Bank, 163 Palestinians have also been killed and 2,215 have been arrested in the same period, according to official sources.

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