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Israeli authorities force Palestinian family to raze home in Rahat

RAHAT, (The Palestine Information Centre)The Israeli authorities displaced a Palestinian family on Wednesday morning after forcing it to demolish its own house in Rahat City in the Negev desert under the pretext of unlicensed construction.

According to local sources, the family of Abu Ghanem in Rahat City had to knock down its house, which had been built 17 years ago, after the Israeli authorities threatened to make them pay an exorbitant amount of money if their bulldozers carried out the measure.

The sources said that employees from Israeli municipal authorities escorted by police forces stormed the area where the house was located and gave the family 10 minutes to evacuate it and start demolishing it.

Instead of giving them a chance to have their homes and facilities licensed, the Israeli authorities in 1948 occupied Palestine persisted in carrying out demolition campaigns in Palestinian towns and villages

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