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Israeli captives’ families burst into Knesset Finance Committee to demand action

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (Palestine Foundation Information Center) Families of Israelis held captive by Hamas in the Gaza Strip burst into the Knesset Finance Committee to demand that the government exert more efforts to secure their sons’ release. The session was suspended.

The families of the captives stormed the Finance Committee in the Knesset and addressed the committee members, screaming: “We will not let you breathe until our children return … You will not sit here while our children die there”.

“You must listen to us. Nothing is more important, no committee nor the Knesset… There is only one issue that you must address”, and they demonstrated banners asking them to take action to release the captives.

Responding to the protesters, Knesset Finance Committee chairman Moshe Gafni said after suspending the session, “the return of the captives is the most important matter,” and, while “leaving the coalition won’t help, I will go and tell the prime minister that this is our position.”

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, declared on Monday, during a meeting with representatives of the families of Israeli captives, an Israeli initiative for a swap deal with Hamas Movement, without delving into more details.

Earlier, a number of families of Israeli captives expressed their distrust in Netanyahu’s government, stressing that they would “make their own moves,” as they put it.

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