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Israeli experts warn of ‘inevitable civil war’ due to far-right cabinet policies

Palestine, (The Palestine Information Centre) A number of Israeli specialists have warned of a “real disintegration of Israeli society” and a state of chaos prevailing in the 1948 occupied territories due to the performance of the incumbent far-right regime headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Oded Granot, a senior Middle East and Arab World commentator at the Hebrew-language Israel Hayom daily newspaper, warned, “When the religious partner in the cabinet publicly declares that he will not bear the burden, not even in national service, and at the same time also supports unilateral and far-reaching legislative processes that disintegrate Israeli society – cohesion crumbles, the principle of peaceful coexistence dissolves.”

He stressed that “Israel is marching towards chaos.”

The Hebrew-language Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper also confirmed in its editorial written by veteran journalist and TV presenter Amnon Levi that the root cause of the crisis in Israel’s society is the “social-sectarian gap,” while the root of the evil prevailing in Israel is the “occupation”.

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