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Israeli police kill three Palestinians, including toddler, in J’lem

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM  (Palestine Foundation Information Center) Three Palestinians, including a toddler, were shot dead by Israeli police gunfire on Sunday evening when an alleged car-ramming incident happened at the Beit Iksa checkpoint near the Palestinian town of Biddu in the northwest of Occupied Jerusalem.

According to eyewitnesses, Israeli police officers opened fire randomly when a car incident, they claimed to have been an attack, happened at the checkpoint, fatally injuring a Palestinian toddler as well as a Palestinian man and his wife.

At first, the Hebrew media claimed that the Israeli police neutralized the driver who carried out what they labeled as an attack at the checkpoint, without stating if he was killed or injured.

The Jerusalem Post website said that two Israelis, including a female border police soldier, were injured during the ramming incident at the Biddu crossing near the Givat Ze’ev settlement in Jerusalem.

The website added that the Palestinian child, aged four, was accidentally shot and killed during the police attempts to neutralize the alleged attacker.

Additional Israeli media reports said that the police officer was lightly injured, adding that the occupants of the car used in the ramming were a Jerusalemite couple, and that the toddler was in a separate vehicle that stopped at the checkpoint at the time of the police shooting.

Palestinian sources in the holy city identified the victims as three-year-old Ruqaya Jahalin, 32-year-old Mohamed Abu Eid and his 26-year-old wife Duha Abu Eid, from Biddu town.

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