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Jerusalemite researcher: Aqsa Mosque in danger of collapsing

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (The Palestine Information Centre)Jerusalemite researcher Fakhri Abu Diab has raised deep concerns over Israeli excavation work at the Aqsa Mosque, which caused cracks and other damage to the building’s structure.

Abu Diab has warned that the Mosque could be in danger of collapsing if the digging continued at its current intensity.

“The Israeli fascist government is seeking to implement a dangerous plan aimed at demolishing the holy site and building the alleged temple on its ruins,” he said.

Abu Diab noted that the Israeli authorities stopped the Palestinian restoration works at the holy site to prevent any attempt to disclose the excavations.

The Jerusalemite researcher appealed to Jordan, the custodian of the Jerusalemite holy sites, to intervene in the issue and send specialized engineers and technicians to find out what is going on and what is happening under the Aqsa Mosque.

The Israelis have been carrying out excavations beneath Islam’s third-holiest site, which Palestinian officials say has led to cracks appearing and stones being dislodged from walls and ceilings.

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