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Khader Adnan’s martyrdom exposed the hypocrisy of international Community

By: Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam

Secretary General Palestine Foundation Pakistan

When it comes to the issue of Palestine, it can definitely be said that the international community and institutions have never played a positive role. The colonial powers have always had a monopoly on the international institutions and organizations.

The United Nations was also established after the Second World War. It was implemented because the Western powers, who gained everything by force, wanted to have an orderly system of controlling the world and the keys of this system should remain in their hands, whenever they want, wherever they want through this system, they can take control.

Later, there have been many examples in the world that it was these international organizations that provided shelter to power-hungry colonial forces, and especially the United Nations. The league of Nations created after World War I. By looking at the shape, the great philosopher and poet Allama Iqbal called this institution the Association of Shroud Thieves.

Recently, a great leader of Occupied Palestine, Khader Adnan, who was imprisoned by the usurping Zionists for the past 86 days, went on a protest hunger strike while in prison. Khader went on hunger strike because the Zionists were unjustly arrested and imprisoned many times in the past, but no crime was proven against him. Khader’s only crime was that he was a Palestinian and he wanted the freedom of Palestine.

Khader strongly believed that and considered the usurper Zionist state of Israel as illegitimate and illegal, that was his crime.

When the usurping Zionists arrested Khader Adnan and put him in prison, the first question he raised that why he was imprisoned? The answer to this question was not present with the oppressive Zionist government, so Khader Adnan decided to protest against his unjustified arrest by going on a hunger strike.

There was an outcry on social media around the world. In solidarity with Khader Adnan, people from all over the world started uploading the pictures broadcast from his hospital on their social media accounts and trying to shake the dead and rotten conscience of the global institutions. But this dead and bad-smelling conscience was not missed. Finally, Khader Adnan left this world on Tuesday, May 2, and died.

Sometimes, when it comes to the issue of Palestine, one of the objections raised against the Palestinian people by the so-called intellectuals and experts in the international institutions is very common, and that is that the Palestinian people kill and attack the Zionists. In other words, in simple words, why do Palestinians resist? Why have the Palestinians taken the path of armed struggle? Let us stop here and accept for a while the so-called intellectuals and experts in the unscrupulous international institutions that it is the fault of the Palestinians that they are fighting an armed struggle. Also, we should be given the right to ask these international organizations why Khader Adnan was finally martyred in the prison of the Zionists. Was Khader Adnan doing an armed struggle in the prison of the Zionists? If he was peaceful, then why did the dead conscience of international organizations not wake up? Just as the usurper Zionist government does not have the answer to this question, the so-called intellectuals and experts in the international organizations do not have it either. Because the fact is that the standards of the people in the international organizations are double. Governments patronize the usurping Zionist government. The United States alone gives billions of dollars annually for military support to Israel. I don’t know why the American people don’t ask their government why the taxes they paid were spent in the service of the usurping Zionist government. I believe that the coming time will awaken this consciousness in the American people and the people and nations of the European countries, including the American people, will surely demand such answers from their respective governments.

I am also sure that among the questions raised by the nations of the Western world before their governments, the top question will be how an innocent man Khader Adnan was martyred in the prison of the Zionists. The question will surely arise that why the western governments who never get tired of listening to human rights were silent spectators on Khader Adnan’s case. Who try to fool the world by playing the tune of human rights. They remain silent on this cruelty.

The summary is that Khader Adnan’s martyrdom has revealed the face of the deceitful world in front of us. Khader Adnan’s martyrdom has opened the fortress of hollow slogans of international organizations. It has told the world that these international organizations There is no truth left in the slogans of democracy and human rights. Khader Adnan has exposed the deceit and deception of international organizations.

Khader Adnan was martyred but his mission will continue from Palestine to Pakistan and all countries of the world. Martyrs never die. Martyr Khader Adnan will always live in the hearts of the freedom fighters and supporters of Palestine. When the name of martyr Khader Adnan comes up, the international organizations that drink the blood of people of the world will be forced to hate their existence.

Khader’s martyrdom is purely for Palestine and Al-Quds Sharif is a part of the path of freedom. Seeing the indifference and criminal character of the international organizations, it can be said that the international institutions have lost their importance and effectiveness due to the exploitation of the colonial powers. The United Nations is at the forefront of this.

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