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Kuwaiti activists launch campaign to break Gaza siege

KUWAIT, (The Palestine Information Centre)Pro-Palestine activists in Kuwait launched a campaign on Sunday to break the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip and help its population.

The campaign, which will be organized under the slogan “From Kuwait, Open Gaza’s Ports,” was launched during a news conference held in the Kuwaiti capital.

“It is our responsibility to organize such a campaign and our humanitarian and Islamic obligation to support the Palestinian people in Gaza and have that tight blockade imposed on them lifted,” Kuwaiti activist Saad al-Nashwan, head of the campaign, told the news conference.

“The campaign will start on September 22 and continue until the end of the same month with the aim of highlighting the Gaza population’s suffering through different events, including the sea rallies that will be held simultaneously in several Arab and European cities as well as media campaigns to shed light on the impacts of the Israeli blockade on all aspects of life in Gaza,” Nashwan added.

“The Israeli occupation has been imposing a stifling siege on our people in the Gaza Strip for 17 years, which affected the lives of its population and its vital sectors,” a statement released by the organizers of the campaign said.

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