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Massive European marches in solidarity with Gaza on New Year’s Eve


Massive demonstrations took place in the capitals of several European countries on Sunday to show solidarity with the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and demand an end to the brutal Israeli aggression. The protests also called for the prosecution of those responsible for the ongoing genocide and massacres that have claimed the lives of nearly 22,000 citizens and left tens of thousands wounded over the past 86 days.

Thousands of protesters gathered on the main streets of European capitals, including Dublin the Irish capital, Marseille in France, Manchester in England, and several cities in Turkey. Participants raised Palestinian flags and chanted slogans condemning the Israeli aggression, calling for an end to the indiscriminate shelling and continuous violence against civilians in Gaza. They also demanded the opening of Gaza’s border crossings and the flow of humanitarian aid, including food, medicine, clean water, and basic necessities for the people of the stricken Strip.

These events are part of a global campaign launched by civil society institutions and human rights activists to exert pressure on the international community to urgently intervene and stop the massacres in Gaza. They aim to make New Year’s Eve a new occasion for solidarity with Gaza and to pressure for an end to the war and aggression.

The campaign strongly condemns the ongoing Israeli bombardment of innocent civilians and calls for the leaders of the “Zionist entity” to be brought before the International Criminal Court and prosecuted for their war crimes. Participants in the demonstrations chanted slogans expressing full solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, calling for an end to the double standards in dealing with humanity and the disregard for the value of civilian lives in Gaza and for treating them equally with all people in the world.

The campaign also issued an appeal to the international community to stand by the victims, ensure the protection of human rights, and work towards a just political solution to the Palestinian issue.

5,000 solidarity events with Gaza in 400 European cities

Majed Al-Zeer, the CEO of the European-Palestinian Council for Political Relations, revealed that it has been documented that the European popular movement in solidarity with Gaza against the ongoing Zionist aggression for 85 days, has reached more than 5,000 demonstrations and events in more than 400 European cities.

Al-Zeer emphasized in a press statement on Al-Yarmouk TV that the European popular movement in solidarity with Gaza began on October 7th, and was combined with condemnation of the aggression on the Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that the unified solidarity movement and strong will have escalated into a real uprising in support of the Palestinian rights, demonstrated in various aspects, most notably the street demonstrations. Al-Zeer stressed that the popular events in Europe, with their momentum, formed a pressing public opinion on politicians and turned into an important political language.

European peoples stand with the Palestinian people

Irish MEP (Member of the European Parliament) Mick Wallace stated that European peoples stand with the Palestinian people, contrary to their governments that support Israel.

He pointed out that the General Assembly of the European Parliament has met four times in Strasbourg, France, since the beginning of the genocide in Gaza, but no decision has been taken regarding Gaza in those meetings.

Wallace criticized the European Parliament’s position, saying that they did not want to stop the ceasefire in Ukraine or Gaza because the American empire did not want it.

Global campaign on New Year’s Eve

The global campaign to immediately and permanently cease fire in Gaza called for making the New Year’s Eve celebrations an opportunity to call for a ceasefire in Gaza and carry out a symbolic event accompanying the local celebrations worldwide.

The campaign stated that it seeks to make the moment of New Year’s celebration a “chance to make decisions for a brighter future. With the death of nearly 30,000 civilians, including over 10,000 children, our only decision in the new year is to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire.”

The campaign aims to mobilize people from all over the world to join their local New Year’s Eve celebrations on December 31st to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

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