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Mishaal mourns Aruri and Companions: Leaders choose martyrdom, occupation digs its own grave

DOHA (Palestine Foundation Information Center) Khaled Mishaal, the leader of the Hamas Movement abroad, said in his eulogy for the martyr leader Saleh Al-Aruri and his martyred brothers: “Our talk today is about these seven stars, these great martyr leaders whom we lived with, and with whom we shared the partnership of jihad and resistance, with all its pain, hope, longing, and aspirations for victory, liberation, and return.”

Mishaal added in his televised speech on Thursday evening, “Our dear brother, the martyr Sheikh Saleh Al-Aruri, we knew him since he was in the West Bank before his imprisonment and during his imprisonment, a founding leader in the Qassam Brigades, working and sacrificing his soul and effort in the journey of resistance against the occupation. When he was forced in 2010 to leave Palestine, he joined his brothers in the leadership to continue his responsibility and role in work, construction, preparation, guidance, and leadership until he met his Lord as a martyr, God willing.”

He continued his eulogy by saying, “Brother Samir Fandi, Abu Amer, I have known him for three decades, I saw in him a strong heart, courage, creative mind, and determination to work selflessly since he was young, living the spirit of jihad, work, resistance, and serving his brothers.”

Mishaal pointed out that “Brother Azzam al-Aqra, Abu Abdullah, since he was in the Al-Qassam Brigades in the West Bank, then after he was deported to Marj Al-Zuhur in the early nineties, and since that time he has continued the path of jihad and resistance, preparing, building, directing, and leading his brothers inside and supporting his brothers until he met his Lord as a martyr, God willing.”

The path of martyrdom is the choice of leaders
The Hamas leader emphasized that the martyrdom of leaders proves a very important fact that is reaffirmed every day, which is that the path of martyrdom is the choice of leaders and soldiers alike. No one deviates from it, no one strays from it. “It is our demand, our goal, and we have dedicated ourselves to it.”

He clarified that the martyrdom of these honorable seven sons of Palestine and Lebanon is a great honor given to them by Allah to be in the heart of the battle of the Flood of Al-Aqsa, to be with their brothers in Gaza who are making a historic epic; they are part of it, as well as the battle of Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa, and Palestine. It is Allah’s favor that He gives to whom He wills.

The unity of blood

Mishaal affirmed that “the martyrdom of leaders is evidence that the blood of our people is one, the battle of Palestine is our battle, the Flood of Al-Aqsa is our people’s battle inside (Palestine) and our people’s battle outside (it) with all its factions and strengths. It is the battle of the nation. This pure Lebanese blood is mixed today, as it has been for many years, with Palestinian and Arab blood for the sake of Palestine.

Mishaal continued, saying: “We are concerned with the security and interests of every country,” affirming, “our battle is only against the Zionist enemy.” He emphasized that this “criminal and arrogant Zionist enemy, despite its failure and disappointment after three months of its barbaric aggression on Gaza, from this Holocaust, from the genocide it commits every day, massacres and destruction against children and women, it wants to annihilate the people of Gaza in the midst of its failure, confusion, and multiplied losses among its soldiers. Today, it wants to export its crisis abroad, it wants to expand the circle of aggression, thinking that it will disrupt the calculations of the resistance and the calculations of the region.”

The assassination of leaders will not break the will of the resistance

Mishaal said: “The enemy also thinks that assassinating leaders will break the will of the resistance and weaken the leadership. But it does not realize that this is a big illusion. It has tried it, if it had any sense. It has assassinated dozens, hundreds, even thousands of leaders from all factions of our people throughout the past decades, including Hamas, and you know that the head of the leaders, the founder, the martyr Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, what was the result! Every time a leader falls, another leader rises, and when a leader is martyred, new leaders are born on the same path, with the same will, with the same determination. This is a great nation that does not break.”

He added: “There is a big difference between how weak and fragile that enemy becomes with the fall of its soldiers, and how it weakens its determination, disrupts its calculations, and rebounds into the Israeli interior, and the effect of martyrs in the path of resistance, which is a source of pride, glory, happiness, and gratitude to Allah Almighty, and it increases our determination and resolve.”

Mishaal concluded his eulogy saying: “God willing, this nation will not break, and this enemy will know how many foolish acts it committed when it expanded its aggression on our blood in Gaza, our blood in Jerusalem, the West Bank since 1948, and our blood in the diaspora. It is all one precious, pure blood. The occupation, with its aggression and its continued crimes in Gaza and assassinations abroad, is digging its own grave with its own hands and hastening its defeat.”

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