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Mishaal: Resistance is strong in the field

AMMAN (Palestine Foundation Information Center) Khaled Mishaal, the head of the Hamas Movement abroad, delivered a message to the Arab and Islamic nation during the “Global Retreat” event on Friday night in the Jordanian capital, Amman, which was organized in response to the call of the spokesperson of the Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, Abu Obeida.

Mishaal called on the Arab and Islamic nation to remember how harsh the past 100 days have been on the Palestinian people in Gaza. “Those who have been displaced from their homes in this barrenness, amid the severe winter and hunger, in addition to the aggression, massacres, destruction, and this fierce war.”

“Our enemy is shocked with the perseverance of the mujahideen who have remained in the underground tunnels throughout these months,” he said, adding that “the difference between us and our enemy is that every day they get involved, they return with dozens of their dead, hundreds and thousands of wounded and disabled, in addition to the psychological defeat and the internal disputes within the Israeli leadership, the mini-cabinet, the government, as well as among the Zionist politicians and military personnel.”

Mishaal pointed out that the criminal Israeli occupation is trying to turn towards the north because it has exhausted its time, not because the Americans are asking it to ease its performance in Gaza, but because it has nothing left to accomplish there. He added, “This occupation is also trying to open a new front and involve the American administration in it in the north, but it is like someone who feels relief, but every time he goes deeper, his crisis worsens.”

Mishaal said, “I have lived through past wars, and this is an exceptional war, and I have not found in the messages of my brothers any indication that they are tired or looking for a way out. The essence of their repeated messages, full of faith, certainty, and confidence in victory, is that we are fine in the field, so rest assured and do not worry. Take care of the cradle of our great people who have given us everything in terms of patience and resilience.”

He stressed, “What you see on television screens and videos of the heroes of Al-Qassam Brigades in the field is just a drop in the ocean. They told us that not all the heroism of the fighters can be filmed under these harsh conditions.” The Hamas leader added, “Yesterday we saw half a reserve battalion in the enemy’s army refusing to fight on the land of Gaza. Therefore, we are fine, and we are approaching the end of this blessed battle.”

He said, “We need jihad on the ground, jihad with money, with our souls, and with everything we have—political, media, and popular jihad—and engagement in the battle in all its dimensions.”

Mishaal concluded by directing a message to the people of Jordan, saying, “We are inspired by what you do, and yes, your brothers hope for more and more from you and their nation.”

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