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Nakba Day observe in Karachi: Protest Rally held in Karachi University

KARACHI  (Palestine Foundation Information Center) We stand with the Palestinian people and support the right of return to Palestine for all Palestinians. Palestine belongs only to Palestinians and is the homeland of the Palestinian people. Israel is an illegitimate state of Zionist settlers not Jews. The European governments including America, Great Britain, and France have committed the biggest terrorism in the world by establishing an illegitimate state of Israel for the Zionists in the land of Palestine. The rulers of the Muslim Ummah have become silent spectators to the ongoing genocide in Gaza. We will continue to provide all possible help to the oppressed Palestinians. This is the ideology of the father of the nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah. These views were expressed by the vice chancellor of the University of Karachi, Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi, Secretary General of Palestine Foundation Pakistan Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam, Dean of Islamic Studies Dr. Zahid Ali Zahidi, President of Karachi University Teachers Society Dr. Shah Ali -ul- Qadr, Dr. Faizan Naqvi, Dr. Maruf Bin Rauf, Dr. Ghufran Alam, Dr. Zeeshan Iqbal, President of SPLA Munawer Abbas and Dr. Samar Sultana along with Dr. Hasan Auj of Officer Association and others in University of Karachi in collaboration with Palestine Academic Forum of Palestine Foundation Pakistan
Addressing the protest rally held in connection with Nakba Day, A large number of students including teachers and non-teaching staff were present in the protest rally.
The participants carried banners and placards with slogans such as “Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinians,” “Death to America,” “No to Israel,” “Stop the aggression in Gaza,” and “Release the American teachers and students.”
Mufti Murtaza Rahmani, Zafar Iqbal, Dr. Shabnam Nasir, Dr. Intikhab Ulfat, Dr. Riaz, Dr. Naeem, Dr. Moeez, Dr. Nida, Dr. Anila Kausar, Dr. Kamran Khan, Dr. Jawad, Dr. Hina Khan and others were also present on this occasion.
Addressing the participants of the protest, the speakers said that the United States is responsible for the ongoing genocide in Gaza. We demand an end to the genocide on Gaza. The American government should take steps to stop the aggression in Gaza.
The speakers said that teachers and students who support Palestine in American universities are being arrested, which is a violation of human rights. They further said that the ambassador of the Zionist government of Israel has insulted the whole world by tearing the charter of the United Nations, but the international organization is unable to take any action against Israel. It will continue, defending the rights of Palestinians is the responsibility of all of us.
They said that Israel is an illegitimate state established on the land of the Palestinians. They said that the Palestinian people are fighting for their freedom and we support the Palestinian resistance movements including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and Ansarallah Yemen Including the Iraqi resistance.
On this occasion, the participants of the rally shouted slogans against the freedom of Palestine and the domination of the oppressive Zionist government.


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