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Nine Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails

WEST BANK, (The Palestine Information Centre)Nine Palestinian prisoners continued on Friday their open-ended hunger strike in Israeli jails in protest against their administrative detention.

The striking prisoners include Kayed Al-Fasfous, and Sultan Khalouf, who has been on hunger strike for 16 days, Osama Daqrouq, who has been on hunger strike for 12 days, Hadi Naji Nazzal, Muhammad Tayseer Zakarneh, Anas Ahmed Kamil, Abd al-Rahman Iyad Baraka, Muhammad Basem Akhmis, and Zuhdi Talal Abido, who have been on hunger strike for nine days.

The prisoners’ protest step came in coincidence with a mass hunger strike declared in all Israeli jails earlier Thursday.

The Supreme National Emergency Committee of the National Captive Movement said that 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in all Israeli prisons started their open-ended mass hunger strike at 7:00 PM (local time) Thursday in protest at the recent Israeli raid into Negev prison.

Furthermore, prisoners in other jails responded to the Israeli raids in Negev jail by closing sections of their prisons and refusing to go through routine security checks.

Earlier Thursday, a state of tension prevailed in sections 3 and 4 of Negev prison after special Israeli forces stormed the cells of prisoners and transferred a number of them to an unknown place.

5,000 Palestinian prisoners are currently held in Israeli prisons, including 32 women, 160 children, and 1,000 administrative detainees.

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