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Norwegian First Aid Team calls on Arab countries to cut off oil to US

GAZA,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The head of the Norwegian First Aid Team, Dr. Mads Gilbert, called on the Arab countries to cut off gas and oil to the United States, and perhaps this will stop the bombing immediately.

Speaking to Al-Jazeera, Dr. Gilbert said that the massacres of civilians under siege require unified Arab action. He further called on Israel to bring water, fuel, and food into the Gaza Strip immediately.

“What we need now is to stop the killing and the production of death in the Gaza Strip,” he said, adding, “The blockade of Gaza is killing people, and this is against international law.”

He further pointed out that 14 hospitals were out of service, as well as other medical clinics, due to Israeli shelling.

“We must open the Rafah crossing, and the world cannot accept the entry of aid in very small quantities,” he said, adding, “Our first task is to stop the bombing, and the world must act now.”

He charged that the Israeli army has a long history of bombing health facilities and their staff, quoting the World Health Organization as saying that more than 100 attacks were waged against medical facilities.


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