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Pakistan must not recognize Israel, PLF letter to President and Prime Minister

Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) sent a letter to honorable President Mr.Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Mr.Imran Khan of Islamic republic of Pakistan and said that Our Palestine policy must not be linked with any Arab country. According to the Roznamah Quds online news agency Secretary General of Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) sent an important letter to President and Prime Minister for recalling Pakistan’s Palestine Policy. We believe that our Palestine policy must not be linked with any Arab country. We are Pakistanis and we are followers of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal.

We are proud of our unique ideology and our dynamic world class statesman Mr. Jinnah and thinker Allama Dr Mohammad Iqbal. SG of PLF said:

Read Full Letter as under:

Dr. Arif Alvi

President of Pakistan

Presidency, Islamabad

Mr. Imran Khan

Prime Minister of Pakistan

PM Office Islamabad

Sub: Pakistan must not recognise Israel

Mr. President,

With high regards and respect, Palestine Foundation (PLF) Pakistan requests your good self to take serious note of the elements which are engaged in hoodwinking people against the Pakistan’s Palestine policy that has remained unwavering since the inception of this God-gifted land we call motherland Pakistan.

As a matter of fact, your good self adore world class statesman Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the great founder of Pakistan and father of great Pakistani nation. Your good self also made public your love for great poet and thinker and an ideological godfather of Pakistan Movement. And these two great leaders of great Pakistani nation had laid the foundation of our Palestine policy even before the creation of illegitimate Israeli state on the sacred land of Palestine.

Factually speaking, we consider it a sacred will of Mr. Jinnah and Mr. Iqbal or we may say it is their legacy that we as Pakistani nation inherited that Palestine belongs to Palestinians whose majority was and is Arabs and Jewish claim to Palestine had no legitimacy. Mr. Jinnah and Mr. Iqbal had turned down the idea of Jewish state on Arab majority Palestine. Their Pakistan followed that line and never recognised the fake state of Israel.

Israel was imposed on Palestine as a racist Jewish state against the will of majority of Palestine; therefore, it cannot be called a religious state or a democratic state. There are religious Jewish group such as Neturei Karta who reject the Jewish state on religious grounds and declare it against the Judaism. Zionist Movement and their terrorist wings such as Hagana or Irgun brought Jews from across the world with a view to change demography of Palestine and perpetrated terrorist attacks to occupy Palestinian land.

Pakistani nation supports Palestine Policy of the pioneers of Pakistan that Palestine is an Arab state. We recognize that it is legitimate right of all Palestinians, including Jews to live in their homeland in peace but one should not confound the issue of non-Palestinian Jews with Palestinian Jews. Those who signed declaration of establishment of Israel were non-Palestinian Jews. Those who were brought under Aliyah and Aliyah Bet to Palestine were non-Palestinian Jews. They had no right to usurp the land of Palestinians and declare it their state.

Palestinian Arabs and Jews have right to live in Palestine but those brought to Palestine under Zionist plot against Palestinians have no right and they have to return to their homeland and those Palestinians who were forced to leave Palestine and had to live in refugee camps in and out of Palestine must be brought t back to their original places of living in Palestine.

Mr. President,

Please don’t allow pro-Israel propaganda in Pakistan. Please take the matter seriously and kindly give a clear guideline to the government and legislature that Pakistani nation, state institutions and its government and PTI stand with Palestinians against Israel. Please make public your formal reaction that we don’t recognise Israel.

Palestine Foundation (PLF) Pakistan believe that pro-Israel Jewish lobby in US will never help Pakistan against India at any forum because they have very much good relations with India and so does the entire Western bloc, let alone US. We may see that Arab monarchies and dictators who recognised Israel had not attain any sort of benefit against their enemies through that humiliating recognition.

We believe that our Palestine policy must not be linked with any Arab country. We are Pakistanis and we are followers of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal.

We are proud of our unique ideology and our dynamic world class statesman Mr. Jinnah and thinker Allama Dr Mohammad Iqbal.

Stay Blessed

Regards and best wishes

Sabir Abu Maryam
Secretary General

Palestine Foundation Pakistan                                                  Dated: 11 -12-2018


Pakistan’s Palestine Policy: We will never abandon Father, of Nation Jinnah’s footsteps. Mamnoon Hussain

KARACHI (PNIC):-Former President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr.Mamnoon Hussain says that we are bound to follow the path of great founding father of the nation Qauid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his stance on Palestine.

Pakistan always Standing with oppressed nation of Palestine and will remain. Mamnoon Hussain says.

PLF General Secretary Mr.Sabir Abu Maryam Met with former President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr.Mamnoon Hussain and discussed various things about the issue of Palestine and Pakistan’s stance in it.

Former President Mr.Mamnoon Hussain expresses his fully support with oppressed people of Palestine and categorically said that that Israel is an illegitimate state and we always followed Founding Father Qauid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s stance on Palestine and will never get back even an inch from that stance.

He appreciated Palestine Foundation’s great struggle in Pakistan and assure his Cooperation with PLF too.

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Israel is an ideological threat to Pakistan: accepting Israel equal to no question of Kashmir. Gen (r) Ghulam Mustafa

LAHORE (PNIC):-Former Army General Ghulam Mustafa expresses his fully support to Palestinian cause. According to Report during a meeting with Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) delegation he said that Israel is not only threat for Palestinians but for whole region of Middle East and Golf.

Palestine Foundation Pakistan’s delegation led by General Secretary Sabir Abu Maryam along with Ansar Abbas, Zahid Murtaza and Yasir Habib met with former army Gen Mr.Ghulam Mustafa at his residence on 16 December Sunday.

During the meeting PLF’s Secretary General informed him various issues about Palestine and policy of Arab and Muslim regimes specially developments in Pakistan. He also discuss about some efforts of pro-Zionists factors in Pakistan to normalisation with Zionist regime and Pakistan.

A defence analyst and well known Army Gen Ghulam Mustafa categorically stated that those people are thinking that Israel is friend of Pakistan are in wrong side.

Israel is an ideological threat and enemy of Pakistan and will never benefit to Pakistan: he said.

Gen (r) Mustafa said that if Pakistan accept and protect in tel Aviv but in next step Israel never tolerate Pakistan so normalisation with Zionist regime mean no question of Kashmir.

Even if my head is cut off, I will not accept Israel: Gen (r) Ghulam Mustafa stated. He also affirmed his full support for Palestine Foundation Pakistan.

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Pak-Palestine solidarity: cultural show “DABKAH” held at Centaurs Mall Islamabad

IALAMABAD (PNIC):-Palestinian citizens living in Islamabad capital of Pakistan observed International solidarity day of Palestine at Centaurs Mall Islamabad.

Palestinian cultural show Organized by Palestinian embassy with the collaboration of Centaurs Mall administration on December 15 Saturday.

Hundreds of Palestinians in Pakistan gathered along with thousands of Pakistani citizens to marked an international solidarity day of Palestine.

Palestinian children wearing Kofiya (Palestinian symbolic cloth) performed DABKAH (cultural activity) and also they sand Pakistani National songs too.

A delegation of Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) led by General Secretary Sabir Abu Maryam participated as per special invitation of acting ambassador of Palestine H.E.Mr.Hussni.

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