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Pakistani women protest against the atrocities of the Israeli regime

Islamabad(Palestine Foundation Information Center) A demonstration was organized in Islamabad against the ongoing Israeli brutality on the oppressed Muslims of Palestine, in which women and children participated in large numbers. Some women bring their small children and their toys also with them.


Addressing the participants, the women leaders said that silence on the ongoing brutality of the Palestinians is equivalent to be the part of oppression and those who are gathered here today are fulfilling their moral duty by raising their voice against the brutality of Israeli regime.

Talking to Media, a student said, ” Today we are here to pay a tribute to the mothers of Gaza who are following the path of mothers of Karbala”.

The women in the demonstration were also carrying Palestinian flags and other placards and in favour of Palestine and against Israel. While some women were carrying artificial baby models to pay tribute to martyr babies of Gaza.

While expressing her deep thoughts to Iran Press, another woman said, ” Is it not questionable what Israeli regime is doing with Palestinians since 1948, so-called power should ask this first then question the Hamas’ action”

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