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Pakistan’s Internal enemies: The Story

By: Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam

Secretary General

Palestine Foundation Pakistan 

Pakistan is called the gift of God because this was achieved by the tireless struggle and unparalleled sacrifices of Muslims in the sub continent.

To achieve this, thousands of people not only offered sacrifices of wealth, but the most valuable thing was the sacrifices of their lives and honor.

The story of the sacrifices is long. If the sacrificers were alive today, surely their answer to our question would be that they have made the future generations better. They gladly accepted all these sacrifices for the sake of future and life. That is, our ancestors knew very well that their sacrifices were not only for this specific time but for Pakistan which will last till the Day of Judgment. I am for the sake of the best and respectable future of the new generation, so that the future generations can always stand in front of the world with their heads held high.

With the passage of time, the dear countrymen began to see such endless fears that their ancestors were slaves of the British in the past. They considered the slavery of the British as loyalty. The ancestors of these people had taken an oath of loyalty at the hands of the British, and in return for this oath of loyalty, these people were made wealthy of that time. British imperialism wanted division inside the Hindu and Muslim societies for their long term rule. The influence of these enslaved people remained in order to ensure the protection of the interests of the British Empire.

After the establishment of Pakistan, where there is a story of sacrifices on one side, there is also a dark story of traitors on the other side.

These traitors had started making conspiracies against Pakistan immediately after the establishment of Pakistan and today they are the agents of British imperialists. Generations of slave families are trying to keep Pakistan on the path of slavery.

Today Pakistan’s freedom is facing many challenges. One of these challenges is the descendants of a few families who were enslaved by the British Empire in Pakistan, who are trying to fulfill the tradition of slavery of their ancestors, directly or indirectly. The path they have taken for this effort is to undermine the ideological foundations of Pakistan.

Among the descendants of the enslaved families of British imperialism, there are elements who are involved in activities for Israel in Pakistan.

These are the elements who say that Father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s thinking was wrong, according to these elements, a great philopsher of the world Allama Iqbal’s thought and philosophy was also not correct. Rather, the wave of paper pieces of a few US dollars now seems to be saying that the creation of Pakistan was a wrong decision or that it seems to be questioning the father of the Nation as well.

These are the elements who are the opponents of Pakistan ideology in Pakistan. On the basis of liberalism and so-called democratic hollow slogans, the usurpers prefer the fake state of Israel over Pakistan. They work for Israel in Pakistan. So that Pakistan is somehow weakened.

That is what they are doing. There are elements who are engaged in unsuccessful efforts to pave the way for the fulfillment of the nefarious ambitions of Israel by continuous propaganda against Pakistan’s Armed forces.

Among the descendants of these few families living under the yoke of British imperialism, there are so-called journalists who have already been fired by various media organizations due to unprofessional activities. Ahmed Qureshi, Sabukh Syed, Moeed Pirzada and other names are prominent among the elements.

Greed and lust to accumulate wealth and have blinded these eternal fears. Or it can also be said that slavery and treason have been in their blood. Because it was their ancestors who were the slaves of the British Empire. They used to persecute their own countrymen in slavery and loyalty. The British used to trade honor to gain the pleasure of imperialism. Perhaps this honor, betrayal and patriotism is included in the blood of these anti-national elements from generation to generation.

The above disgraced journalists are actively lobbying for Israel in Pakistan, dripping resin on US dollars  for their luxurious life, so that in exchange for this work, they will receive wealth and loyalty certificates from the Zionists, including the British Empire. Get it.

These slave-minded journalists have gone so far in treason that they do not recognize that they are trading their mother. They are selling their honor. They are harming Pakistan. For them, the wealth of the world is more important. The aforementioned journalist class is not only a black mark on journalism, but has become a bad mark in society.

In summary, when the above-mentioned journalists in Pakistan, most of whom have already taken shelter in the bosom of anti-Pakistani forces and are no longer present in Pakistan, are soft towards Israel in Pakistan.

If an attempt is made to create a corner, the people of Pakistan can easily understand that the real objective of these so-called journalists is to weaken Pakistan and strengthen their bank accounts.

They are truly anti-national elements. Their forefathers committed treason in the past and this generation is engaged in treason today.

The people of Pakistan have had the privilege of always being the defenders of the thoughts and ideas of their founders, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal. These few black sheep in the cloak of journalism do not represent Pakistan in any way. Because these black sheep are outside Pakistan and are living with the nationality of America and other countries. They have only one agenda to weaken Pakistan for the sake of Israel’s interests and to strengthen Israel’s interests. They are traitors.

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