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Palestinian delegation meeting with teachers and researchers

ISLAMABAD (The Palestine Information Centre) On the invitation of Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF), the Palestinian delegation visited the Center for Gulf and Middle East Studies in Islamabad and met with teachers and students including intellectuals.

The Palestinian delegation was led by the leader of Islamic Jihad of Palestine, Syed Al-Baraka, while he was accompanied by the President of the Palestinian Ulema Council, Sheikh Adeeb Yasirji, the Secretary General of the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine, Sheikh Yusuf Abbas, and the Secretary General of the Palestine Foundation Pakistan, Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam was present.

Upon arrival at the Center for Gulf and Middle East Studies, the Palestinian delegation was welcomed by the President of the Center, Nasir Abbas Shirazi, While Dr. Munawer Hussain, Dr. Qandeel Abbas, Dr. Inayat Khan and other intellectuals and researchers were present in the meeting.

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