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Palestinian delegation visits South African ambassador to Qatar to express gratitude

DOHA (Palestine Foundation Information Center) A Palestinian delegation of the families of martyrs, prisoners, and wounded visited the South African embassy in the Qatari capital, Doha, and met with Ambassador Ghulam Hussein Asmal.

The delegation extended the Palestinian people’s thanks and gratitude to South Africa for its historic and courageous position in defense of the rights of the Palestinian people and particularly for prosecuting Israel before the International Court of Justice.

For his part, Ambassador Asmal expressed his great appreciation and happiness to welcome the visit, stressing his country’s absolute solidarity with the rights of the Palestinian people and their just cause.

He said, “South Africa feels the pain and anguish of the Palestinian people the most, because its people suffered from the scourges of colonialism and the apartheid system.”

“We do this out of the moral and historical duty of our country to seek an end to the genocide,” he added.

He stressed the need for more efforts to be exerted by the free people of the world in support of the Palestinian people.

Addressing Palestinians, he said, “You should remain patient and steadfast until you achieve your victory and freedom.”

Muhammad Al-Najjar spoke on behalf of the visiting delegation and stressed that the Palestinian people “will not forget the historical role of South Africa while many other countries failed to support Palestine.”

The released prisoner Hazem Asila, who served 26 years in Israeli prisons, told Ambassador Asmal how Nelson Mandela and his sacrifices and victory inspired the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

The ambassador also listened to the families of martyrs who lost their beloved relatives, telling him about the profound impact of South Africa’s move on them.

The delegation concluded the visit by handing the ambassador a written message on behalf of the Palestinian people to the Republic of South Africa. Palestinian children, participating in the visit, also presented souvenirs and handicrafts to the ambassador and the embassy staff, out of gratitude and appreciation.

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